Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The MOMS Club® is a wonderful way to meet other moms  in your area who share your interests and concerns. We are a chapter of International MOMS Club®, a nonprofit organization providing support for moms and their kids who live in Western Minnetonka (west of 494). The MOMS Club® offers support, friendship, activities, playgroups, and information. Moms with children of any age are welcome! While we love to get together, you can be as involved as much or as little as you want.

The benefits of becoming a MOMS Club® member are endless. We strive to support mothers and our community through fun and meaningful activities that appeal to just moms or moms and kids.

Informational Speakers - At our monthly all member meetings we host a monthly speaker. Topics have ranged from extreme couponing, reading development, child safety, craft tutorials and even selecting a bathing suit to fit your body. If you or your organization is interested in arranging a speaking engagement at a MOMS Club® of Minnetonka-West meeting, please contact us.

MOMS Night Out/In - Once a month, we look forward to getting together in the evening and enjoying a pre-planned activity. We might meet at a local restaurant or have a craft night at the home of one of our moms!

Holiday Events - Several months out of the year, we get together for holiday parties to celebrate with other moms and their kids. For example, we host an annual Trunk or Treat, a mini Thanksgiving, holiday brunch, Valentines party and an end of year picnic.

Sunshine Meals - We take care of our members by organizing meal delivery to a mom who just delivered a baby or for a family who is in need of a little extra support, after a surgery or other crisis.

Shutterfly Calendar/Message Board - Once you join, you will gain access to our Shutterfly site, where we manage our calendar and post topics to our message board.

Special Interest Groups - Our club includes several special interest groups to better meet the needs and interests of our members.  Some of these groups currently include Book Club, Babysitting Swap and Supper Swappers.

Monthly Newsletter - All current members receive the MOMS Club® of Minnetonka-West newsletter on a monthly basis. The newsletter contains a calendar of events, event details, message from the board, recipes and other useful information for our members.

Leadership Opportunities - We offer many ways for you to use your professional skills to benefit the group. We have many volunteer positions for you including leadership roles, committee member roles, and creative roles. And the best part is that we require no previous experience!

Charitable Outreach - Our involvement in local charities is always evolving to reflect community needs and the diverse interests of our members. During the holidays our group adopts a local family in need of support by providing the parents with holiday gifts.

Please email us if you'd like more information in joining MOMS Club® of Minnetonka-West. Follow us on Facebook.